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Specialty Ingredients

BeepActive 1
A powerful integrated extract of beetroot and pomegranate using Bio Active Fusion Technology. All-natural and completely organoleptic. No added chemicals, no artificial sweeteners and no caffeine.
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Standard Botanical Ingredients

Phyllanthus emblica (Indian gooseberry, Amla)
A small tree found in the Indian subcontinent, with yellow-green round edible fruits. The sour, bitter fruit is used extensively for culinary and medicinal purposes in India. Amla fruit is highly nutritious and could be used as a dietary source of vitamin C, amino acids, and minerals.
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Andean shilajit
A natural viscous substance like tar or resin, found in rocks of the Himalayas formed due to slow decomposition of plants. Shilajit contains 60% to 80% humic substances such as humic and fulvic acids, 15-20% of mineral content, and trace elements including selenium. Used in traditional medicine for its precognitive benefits.
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Gymnema sylvestre (Gurmar)
A woody perennial vine found in India and known for anti-diabetic activity. Known as “the destroyer of sugar” in traditional medicine due to its ability to temporarily suppress the taste of sugar on the tongue. Extracts from leaves of Gymnema have been used to reduce blood sugar levels and fight diabetes.
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Tinosproa cordifolia (Guduchi)
Tinospora cordifolia (Guduchi)
Also known as Giloy, it’s a succulent climbing shrub, native of India and widely used in traditional medicine. Used for maintaining general wellness as well as a range of conditions, including fever, infections, and diabetes.
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